Geopolitical Risk Management Course

Understand the fundamentals of geopolitical risk analysis, Evaluate the impact of global events on business operations, Implement risk mitigation strategies to protect your assets

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Why Is This Course?

Geopolitical risk has risen sharply in recent years, increasingly affecting businesses in a wide range of ways. Whether in the global economic consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, increasing tension in the US – China relationship, or a host of other geopolitical issues across other continents, the influence of geopolitics on the global economy is now at it its highest level since the Cold War.
But many firms have little experience in understanding geopolitical issues and do not take a structured approach to understanding the potential impacts, whether strategic, financial, operational, reputational or on their ESG approaches. This leaves them increasingly exposed in the face of a structural increase in geopolitical complexity and uncertainty.
This course is designed to equip attendees with both the theoretical and practical tools they can use to help improve approaches to geopolitical risk issues in this challenging environment.

Who Is This Course For?

This course provides expert insight into key global geopolitical issues and how these drive a range of impacts for firms and the wider business environment. It will therefore highly benefit those in financial and non-financial risk management roles in their firms.
It is also highly relevant to those in strategy, management, finance, ESG/sustainability, operations, legal, compliance and internal audit teams, or those who manage relationships with strategic clients across different industry sectors.

About This Course

The course is designed to provide a very practical grounding in enhanced geopolitical risk management concepts, including provision of expert insights into key geopolitical risk issues, risk identification and business impact assessment methodologies, common mitigation strategies and the role of a geopolitical risk management framework.

The session runs for 2 hours and includes interactive exercises.

You will also get the following additional Bonuses:

Bonus #1. Geopolitical Risk Self-Assessment Template

Bonus #2. Business impact assessment methodology

Bonus #3. A copy of practical guidance for building a Geopolitical Risk Framework

Bonus #4. Case studies of other firms and their geopolitical risk mitigation strategies

Bonus #5. Possibility of a free follow-up consultation for attendees


This 2-hour course will cover:
• Expert insights into the global geopolitical environment: key issues, trends and future developments
• Business impacts and impact mapping
• The linkages between geopolitics and ESG
• Obstacles to effective geopolitical risk management in firms
• Enhancing geopolitical issues management - what good looks like, the role of a risk function and building a geopolitical risk management framework
• Enhanced geopolitical risk governance
• External stakeholder perspectives: the evolving views of investors, governments and regulators on geopolitical risk and corporate exposures


Your Instructor

Derek Leatherdale
Derek Leatherdale

Derek Leatherdale is Founder and Managing Director of GRI Strategies Ltd, leading work with companies across industry sectors to improve approaches to corporate governance and management of geopolitical risk exposures.

Before setting up GRI, Derek founded HSBC’s Group Geopolitical Risk Function. This involved integrating expert geopolitical risk input into all aspects of the Group’s governance, strategy and risk management across a global portfolio of banking operations - covering investment and corporate banking, markets and asset management businesses, trade finance and other banking services.

The function’s work supported HSBC’s response to issues and crises where it had strategic exposures, including the Arab Spring, other political risks in MENA, the Eurozone debt crisis, Brexit, strategic developments in the US-China relationship and other emerging market political issues globally.

In a subsequent role, Derek led global government affairs campaigns for HSBC, driving engagement with international standard-setters, other international bodies, including the G7 and G20, and key national authorities.

Prior to HSBC, Derek worked in national security and intelligence roles for the UK government.

Derek holds an MA with Distinction in International Politics from King’s College, London. He is a Visiting Scholar at the London Institute of Banking and Finance’s Centre for Governance, Risk and Regulation and leads the Institute’s geopolitical risk training for banks and financial institutions globally. He also provides geopolitical risk training to the Institute of Internal Audit.

Derek has developed the first geopolitical risk management framework of its kind for companies. He is the co-author of ‘The Extra G – ESG2’, innovative leading practice guidance on geopolitical risk oversight and its integration with ESG issues for boards, their risk committees and risk functions, in association with The Risk Coalition.

Derek is the author of several other pieces of thought leadership examining how firms can develop resilience and enhance decision-making in a more geopolitically contested world, and regularly contributes to expert discussions and events on these topics.


Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

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What Others Are Saying

" The course gave valuable expert insights into key global geopolitical developments. Unlike other courses on this topic, Derek also provided ways of thinking about the wide range of business impacts and how risk and IA professionals can enhance their approaches to identifying, managing and assuring these risks - ultimately within the context of a Geopolitical Risk Management Framework."

- John Kennedy, Group Risk Director and former Group Head of Internal Audit, BSI Group

What Others Are Saying

"I enjoyed it - I thought it was very well structured, logical, and well delivered. I also thought the length of the lectures was just right for the online format."

- Andrew Rozanov, Independent adviser to Sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and endowments. Former Chair and INED of the National Investment Corporation of the National Bank of Kazakhstan..


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
How this course will benefit me?

By enrolling in this course you will:

- equip yourselfs with both the theoretical and practical tools you can use to help improve approaches to geopolitical risk issues in this challenging environment;

- Understand and utilise current best practices

- Gain practical experience in Risk Assessment

When does the course starts and finish?

The first cohort starts in the middle of March 2023. Once you join, you'll have lifetime access to the online version when it becomes available. You will also get all future updates that we will regularly provide.

Will I get access to future updates?
Absolutely! When buying this course, you get all future updates for life! This course is already fully comprehensive, but we will be adding even more sections as you progress on your journey. You will recieve an email when these updates are available for viewing.

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